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China's Energy Security : A Multidimensional Perspective

Tuesday 05 July 2016

Routledge, 260p. >> A secure supply of energy is essential for all nations, to sustain their economy, and indeed their very survival. This subject is especially important in the case of China, as China s booming...

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Asia Trends: l'Asie à la source - Key Insights and Analysis


#Spring 2017 - The Terrorism Challenge

Disponible à partir du 9 juin


Asia Trends : L’Asie à la Source – Key Insights & Analysis est un bulletin semestriel bilingue et interdisciplinaire. Il fournit une analyse approfondie des débats d’actualité et des tendances stratégiques à partir des sources en langues originales pour une meilleure compréhension des dynamiques régionales et globales vues d’Asie. Chaque édition traite d’un dossier
transverse tel qu’il contribue à redéfinir l’ordre mondial, avant de revenir sur l'actualité de la zone en présentant la diversité des points de vue locaux de Chine, du Japon et de Corée, mais aussi d'Asie du Sud-Est et d'Asie du Sud.


Asia Trends : L’Asie à la Source – Key Insights & Analysis is a bi-annual bilingual, cross-disciplinary bulletin. It provides a detailed analysis of current debates and strategic trends based on local sources, aiming at a better understanding of regional and global dynamics seen from the Asian perspective. Every issue deals with a transversal topic and follows up the area’s current affairs through the diversity of local views from China, Japan and Korea as well as South and South-East Asia.


Monday 13 February 2017 ,

China’s Metastasizing Terrorist Threat

Asia Centre’s Strategic Observatory on China provides monitoring and analysis on all dimensions of China’s power (strategic, political, industrial, economic and .....

Wednesday 25 January 2017 ,

China, the South Pacific, and Contemporary Geopolitics with the Dr. A-M. Brady

Within a relatively short period China has become a leading player in the South Pacific and multiple Chinese political and economic actors are engaging with the region. Taiwan has been a key .....

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