Asia Centre

The centre

Founded in 2005, Asia Centre is an independant research institute fostering debates and publications on international, strategic and economic relations, as well as current political and social transformations in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Centre’s fellows navigate both the academic world and the public and private decision-making centres, tackling significant regional issues and analyzing them in local and global perspectives.

Asia Centre’s programmes are conceived for a large network of corporate partners and specialized research institutions from Europe, America and Asia. Joint operations led with those partners offer the opportunity to confront a wider range of ideas and issues.

Focusing on the study of original sources, the works and conclusions of our researchers are widely published via Asia Centre’s own media and in the international press, journals and documentation.


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Governance of Asia Centre answers to a decision-making organ, the General Assembly of the members and its Board, a managerial organ, the Executive Committee and an extensive consultative body, the Orientation Council.

A small, permanent team is in charge of conducting and promoting research, debate forums and publications. It is supported by an international network of experts.

Depending on its programs, Asia Centre offers a temporary home to visiting professors and researchers and internship nominees.

Executive Committee

  • Jean-François Di Meglio (Président)
  • Candice Trandai (Vice-Présidente)
  • Paul Caussat (Trésorier)

Orientation Council

  • Stéphanie Balme (SciencesPo, PSIA)
  • Pascale Beracha (Ministère de l’Economie)
  • Laurent Bigorgne (Institut Montaigne)
  • Antoine Bondaz (Asia Centre)
  • Olivier de Boysson (Société Générale)
  • Jean-Pierre Cabestan (CNRS / HKBU / Asia Centre)
  • Philippe Chalmin (Université Dauphine / Cyclope)
  • Jean-Yves Colin (Asia Centre)
  • Eric Danon (MEAE)
  • Anne-Marie Descôtes (MEAE, DGM)
  • Evrard Didier (Lloyd George)
  • Manuelle Franck (Inalco)
  • Christian Lechervy (MEAE)
  • Sebastien Lechevalier (EHESS / GIS Asie)
  • Emmanuel Lenain (PM)
  • Claude Martin (Ambassadeur de France)
  • Nicolas Regaud (MinDef)
  • Jean-Luc Racine (Asia Centre / EHESS)
  • Justin Vaïsse (MEAE, CAPS)


  • Héloïse Poras – Chief Operating Officer
  • Camille Liffran – Coordinator, China Programme / Chief Editor, Asia Trends
  • Océane Leborne – Administrative assistant