China's Energy Security : A Multidimensional Perspective

Mardi 05 juillet 2016

(Routledge Contemporary China)

Auteurs : Jean-François Di Meglio - Giulia Romano - Benjamin Denjean - Michal Meidan - Marie-Hélène Schwoob

Tags : Sécurité énergétique - Energie - Chine

Routledge, 260p. >> A secure supply of energy is essential for all nations, to sustain their economy, and indeed their very survival. This subject is especially important in the case of China, as China s booming economy and consequent demand for energy is affecting the whole world, and in turn potentially driving realignments in international relations. Moreover, as this book argues, energy security should be considered more broadly, to include issues of sustainability, environmental protection and the domestic organisation of energy policy and energy supply. This book presents a comprehensive picture of China s energy security. It covers all energy sectors coal, oil, gas, renewables; international relations with all major sources of energy supply the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa; and key areas of domestic policy making and supply."


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: From "shaping" to "framing" China’s energy security and the example of the oil policy

Jean-François Di Meglio, Giulia C.Romano

2 Coal Resources and Coal Utilisation in China

Liu Zhi, Wang Zhe

3. Gas in China’s Energy Security Strategy: Threat of a New Form of Dependency?

Giulia C. Romano, Yin Na, Xuanxuan Zhang

4. Low-Carbon Energy in China's Energy Security Strategy

Benjamin Denjean, Cyril Cassisa

5. Conflicts in the South China Sea: Energy Resources, ASEAN, and the Question of Regional Stability

François Bafoil

6. China and the Middle East: Moving Beyond Energy Trade

Michal Meidan

7. China’s New Energy Haven: Opportunities and Challenges in Central Asia

Vanessa Boas, Olga A. Spaiser

8. China’s Energy Security and Sino-African Energy Cooperation

Ka-ho Yu, Yunheng Zhou

9. Decentralised energy resources as a challenge to the secular top-down paradigm of energy production?

Marie-Hélène Schwoob

10. Controlling the growth of China’s power consumption through industrial energy efficiency as pillar of national energy security

Patrick Schroeder

11. The Energy Transition and Energy Security of Cities: the Urban Dimension of Chinese Energy Issues

Giulia C.Romano


Routledge, 260p. >>


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