The State of Social Harmony in Magway Region

Vendredi 07 avril 2017

Auteurs : Florence Geoffroy

Tags : Paix - Conflits - Dialogue interculturel - interreligieux - Discriminations - Birmanie

One of the distinguishing features of Myanmar is its remarkable diversity. It is a country with more than a hundred ethnic groups associated with myriad of languages and cultural traditions. Buddhism and Hinduism are the oldest religions in the country, having arrived from Indian in the first millennium. However, both Islam and Christianity established enclaves and attracted considerable followings long before Myanmar’s birth as an independent country. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, the territory of Myanmar has been a meeting point for various people inhabiting the larger region, and it is likely to continue serving as a cultural crossroads for centuries to come.


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Retrouvez le rapport de recherche de Florence Geoffroy pour CDNH sur la région de Magway, en Birmanie.


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