Cybersecurity in Vietnam: Formulation and Implementation of a New Strategy

Lundi 01 juin 2015

Candice Tran Dai in Hérodote

Auteurs : Candice Tran Dai

At the turn of the Millennium, Vietnam has embarked on the path of an accelerated and relatively comprehensive development of the ICT sector, largely driven and supported by a proactive governmental policy in this area. By 2020, Vietnam aims actually to reach the status of a country above the overall average of Southeast Asia region in terms of information society achievements. While Vietnam appears as a country with great potential in the ICT and digital sector, it faces many obstacles and challenges in order to be able to make the most of its resources in this area and achieve its ambitious goals. Managing the issue of cybersecurity is one of the major challenges facing Vietnam. Aware of the vulnerability and the permeability of the Vietnamese cyberspace, the Vietnamese government has undertaken to formulate and implement a new cybersecurity policy, whose first foundations were laid relatively recently.


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Candice Tran Dai (Project Manager of the Cyberspace Programme ofAsia Centre) in Hérodote, n° 157, second quater 2015.

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