Guibourg Delamotte

Associate Research Fellow

A French and Australian dual citizen, Dr. Guibourg Delamotte is Lecturer / Associate Professor (MC) of Political science at the French Institute of Oriental Studies (Inalco)’s Japanese studies department where she teaches International relations and Japanese politics. She also lectures at Sciences Po Paris. She is a Research Fellow at Inalco’s Centre d’études japonaises (CEJ). From May to July 2010 she was NIDS Fellow at the National Institute of Defense Studies (Tokyo) and prior to this, in April 2006, a Visiting Fellow at the Japan Institute for International Affairs. She is an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute for Contemporary Asian Studies (Temple University Japan, Tokyo), Associate Research Fellow at Asia Center, a Visiting policy fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations (London), a Visiting research fellow at Sciences Po’s CERI.
She received her PhD from Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales for a dissertation which she had partly written as a research student on a Lavoisier scholarship at the University of Tokyo’s School of Law and Politics. She graduated from the University Paris-Assas where she read Law, from Inalco (MA in Japanese), Science Po Paris and the University of Oxford (M. Jur in European and Comparative Law).
Her book on Japan’s defence policy (PUF, 2010) is based on her PhD dissertation (EHESS, Paris, 2007), which received the Shibusawa-Claudel Award (2008). In 2007, she coedited a book with François Godement, Geopolitique de l’Asie (Armand Colin). Her publications also include contributions in books published by Philippe Picquier Publishing (Le Monde vu d’Asie, 2013, Démocraties d’Asie, 2015), Hermann Publishing (La Démocratie et la guerre au XXIe siècle, 2011), Global Oriental (Seapower and Maritime Strategy in Britain and Japan, 2012) and Routledge (Globalisation and Defense in the Asia-Pacific, 2009), and articles in peer-reviewed journals - Revue des deux mondes, Critique internationale, La Vie des idées, The HAPR, The KRIS, The APR and others.

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Monday 02 December 2013

The brand new “Air Defence Identification Zone” over the East China Sea has seen the United States, Japan and South Korea carry out overflights in protest. The dispute between China and Japan over the resource rich Senkaku/Diaoyu islands must also be factored into the situation. Will the Pacific Ocean lose its name as a result of increased tensions over this strategic area?


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Thursday 24 November 2016

Débat Asie

The Débats Asie were created in 2006 with the purpose of sharing the experience and expertise of business leaders, academics, media, institutional and civil society representatives from Europe or Asia.

Organiser: Guibourg Delamotte (Inalco-CEJ, Asia Centre), Florence Biot (Asia Centre)


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