Jérôme Doyon

Author, China Analysis

Jérôme Doyon has been the chief editor of China Analysis since mid 2011. He studied Chinese language at the Beijing University from 2008 to 2009, and graduated from SciencesPo and the Paris-Diderot University.

After a MA on Asian politics specializing on Church/State relations and ethnic minorities in China, he is now a PhD candidate on Chinese politics at CERI/SciencesPo, working on United front work organizations that make the link between the CCP and the non-communist social groups (religious associations, youth organizations, women’s federation, trade unions, “democratic parties”…).

  • La Chine et le monde depuis le « mouvement du 4 mai 1919 », Emission La Fabrique de l'histoire du 19/09/2012, France Culture

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Negotiating the place of Islam in China: the Islamic groups of Nanjing in an age of reform

Monday 07 July 2014

A ground-breaking work that takes an in-depth look at the dealings between state and religion in China, in the experience of one religion in particular: Islam. This study by Jérôme Doyon, an associate ..... read more

Xi Jinping and all the Princelings

Wednesday 07 May 2014

In China, descendants of Maoist era Communist Party leaders have their own nickname: they are the "princelings" and they make up the current political and economic elite in China. Xi Jinping, leader of ..... read more


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