Russian sanctions and their impact on East-West energy flows

Friday 24 October 2014

Energy Breakfasts

Tags : Russia - Energy security

U.S. and EU sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine have hit Moscow’s energy industry hard by drastically limiting its access to Western technology and bank lending. The sanctions have yet to have an impact on Russian energy flows but they will inevitably speed up the Kremlin’s drive to re-direct oil and gas flows away from the West towards Asia.
The presentation will look at the main winners and losers from Western sanctions, the shift in Russian energy policies, the implication on Europe’s energy security and Beijing’s drive to secure access to energy assets around the world.

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This meeting, in english, will be chaired by Rémi Bourgeot (Chief Economist, Asia Centre).

Dmitry Zhdannikov

Dmitry Zhdannikov is the London-based editor for energy at the global news agency Reuters for the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Prior to moving to London in 2010, Dmitry worked for Reuters for more than a decade in Moscow covering commodities, foreign exchange and equities markets of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Participation in this event is limited to invited guests and Economic Breakfasts subscribers.



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