Our publications

On a regular basis, Asia Centre publishes three specialized current affairs journals for China, South Korea and Japan; a book published by La Documentation française on a yearly basis; and an electronic collection which includes almost one hundred items. In addition to occasional publications edited by Asia Centre, its researchers and associates are frequently called upon to contribute to reference books and offer their opinions to the press. All of our releases are available on our website, either for sale or as free downloads in PDF format.

The Journals

China Analysis and Japan Analysis give the reader access to significant national debates and personal opinions in China and Japan, and propose syntheses and analyses based on locally published texts.

China Analysis

The only publication in Europe to originate exclusively from Chinese sources, China Analysis - Les Nouvelles de Chine sets out points of view from leading figures in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on the domestic politics and economy of China, strategic questions in Asia, Taiwanese political life and international affairs. The writers, all experts from a variety of disciplines relating to Chinese affairs, offer their critical analyses and points of view.

Japan Analysis

For six years, Japan Analysis has been a pioneering news bulletin on current political, economic and security debates in Japan and within its decision-making circles, placing those issues in their national context and in their historical background. While identifying new trends and current affairs in Japan, the authors go beyond the news to offer readers a tool for assessing the deep structural mutations, sometimes unfamiliar to the public, of the “third economic power”.


Korea Analysis

It relays and analyzes the Korean view on the country’s and the peninsula’s current events. More precisely, Korea Analysis covers a number of topics, including subjects related to Korean society, economics, and politics, North Korea, inter-Korean relations, geopolitics and international relations in the Korean peninsula and in the Pacific region. Some of its articles are based on local sources (Korean newspapers, websites, reviews, etc.), others are articles by or interviews of Korean academics or opinion leaders


The Electronic Collection

Our electronic collection compiles original writings generated by current research and updated by discussions on Asia, written by the most reputed international experts.

The Conference Series includes presentation papers and original reports (Memos) that give the reader access to information and opinions exposed during debates that took place at Asia Centre events, and which propose salient syntheses of the conclusions.

Notes introduce a particular subject in a concise format.

Studies present in-depth analysis of major Asian issues, putting them into perspective by examining the long-term trends at work in the region.

The Asian Surveys

These books, published each year by the collection Mondes émergents of La Documentation Française, analyze the main political and economic events that have recently taken place in Asia. Through this reflection, they accent a horizontal and synthetic approach to the Asia continent in order to better elucidate the middle- and long-term transformations, and new trends. Each yearly volume includes ten chapters, some supplemented by country memos, datelines, maps or graphics.


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