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As a venue for independent research and debate, Asia Centre offers the French and foreign media a unique setting in which to discuss the key issues and challenges particular to Asia via a privileged access to analyses carried out by our highly qualified research teams whose expert opinion has been forged in the field; and to our extensive network of both public and private partners.


Presence in the media

Our researchers and associate researchers are solicited during every major event that relates to Asia to offer their expertise and insight in the most renowned papers and on television channels, radio stations, and websites such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, L'Expansion, France 24, BBC, France Inter, Wall Street Journal, RFI, BFM, Telos,...

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Asia Debates

Established in 2006, the meetings of the Asia Debates offer a debate platform—unique in Paris—for economic decision makers, institutional actors, academics, and media professionals to gather and meet, at each session, with a guest who has tight links with Asia.

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