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Drawing on its network of international relations experts and strategic and economic analysts for the Asia-Pacific region, Asia Center helps business leaders to interpret the region’s most pressing issues, and to offer their renowned expertise and access to top-level contacts.



The Asia Centre’s Corporate Club was specifically conceived and developed in order to offer private decision makers access to networking opportunities, an observatory, and our expertise.

Networking Opportunities

  • An arena in which actors, with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, cane xchange opinions and perspectives: think tanks, governmental institutions, academic circles, and Chinese and European companies.

  • A networking platform which offers institutional and economic decision makers an opportunity to convene informally.

  • Dynamic pursuit of new contacts in Asia


  • Analysis of the structural and conjunctural trends which may impact our business partners' activities both in the region and in other parts of the world that entertain relations with Asia.

Our Expertise

  • Asia Centre's is a source of top-notch academic research, debate, and conferences on themes which address the current concerns of economic players: the main economic trends in Asia, transformations occurring within Asian financial systems, the liberalization of key markets and resulting business opportunities.


Our Meetings and Publications for Companies

    Every year, Asia Centre organizes numerous events, tailored to the Asian business strategies of private entrepreneurs, and which are specially designed to address the particular interests of its corporate clients and invited experts; industrialists; and an array of local and international decision makers.

    Papers published by the Asia Center express unique points of view on current issues, based on our experts' analyses of local, original language sources. You can subscribe to our journals China Analysis, Japan Analysis and Korea Analysis.

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    Our Corporate Clubs

    Economic Breakfasts

    Our exclusive club, through its Economic Breakfasts, brings together decision-makers and business leaders who explore, from a business point of view, the economic, financial, and strategic developments taking place in the Asia-Pacific area. Since 2006, Asia Centre's annual cycle of  Economic Breakfasts has offered its members access to prominent experts who address the practical questions relevant to business circles and propose concrete answers to the challenges they face.

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    Our Energy Club

    Asia Centre recently created an Energy Club commensurate with its ambitions in the areas of energy and the environment, animating a network that has steadily grown since 2006. For the occasion, Asia Centre has launched a cycle of meetings specially dedicated to energy and environmental issues—the Energy Breakfasts.

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    Our partnerships

    Asia Centre is authorized to receive individual and corporate sponsorships. Many companies have already given us their vote of confidence.

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