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Established in August 2005 by François Godement and a team of research fellows and experts on contemporary Asia, Asia Centre is an independent research institute which conducts discussions and produces publications on the strategic and economic aspects of international relations as well as current political and social transformations in the Asia-Pacific region.  From a crossroads between academic research and decision-making (both corporate and government), Asia Centre’s fellows identify the significant regional issues and analyze them from a local and global perspective. 

Asia Centre initiates international discussions. Its renowned expertise grants it access to numerous committees and research groups focused on the region. The Centre’s programs are developed in conjunction with an extensive network of partners – companies and prominent specialized centers in Europe, North America and Asia.


Objectives and Aims

  • To conduct research on contemporary Asia, particularly in the areas that define and influence international relations strategically, politically, and in social and economic terms
  • To organise a framework for debate that brings together members of the Association, qualified French and foreign experts, as well as organizations promoting research, brainstorming and professional exchanges both in France and abroad
  • To enhance the value of the Centre’s research and exchanges (seminars, conferences, roundtables, working groups) by communicating findings in both internal and external publications



Asia Centre gathers both a permanent research team, which coordinates the management of ongoing research projects, and a network of international experts, which are regularly invited to join our debates and work. Asia Centre’s management comprises a decision-making entity - the General Assembly of its members and Bureau -, a management entity - the executive committee -, and a very large consultation body - the Advisory Board. An administrative, communication and coordination team also oversees and supports all of the Centre’s activities.

Executive comittee

  • Jean-François Di Meglio (President)
  • Candice Trandai (Vice-Presidente)
  • Paul Caussat (Treasurer)
  • Florence Biot (Executive Director)

Advisory Board

  • Stéphanie Balme (SciencesPo, PSIA)
  • Pascale Beracha (MINEFI)
  • Laurent Bigorgne (Institut Montaigne)
  • Antoine Bondaz (Asia Centre)
  • Olivier de Boysson (Société Générale)
  • Jean-Pierre Cabestan (CNRS / HKBU / Asia Centre)
  • Philippe Chalmin (Dauphine University / Cyclope)
  • Jean-Yves Colin (Asia Centre) +
  • Eric Danon (CSFRS)
  • Anne-Marie Descôtes (MAEDI, DGM)
  • Evrard Didier (Lloyd George)
  • Manuelle Franck (Inalco)
  • Christuan Lechervy (MAEDI)
  • Sebastien Lechevalier (EHESS / GIS Asie)
  • Emmanuel Lenain (MAEDI)
  • Claude Martin (Ambassadeur de France)
  • Nicolas Regaud (MinDef)
  • Jean-Luc Racine (Asia Centre / EHESS) +
  • Justin Vaïsse (MAEDI, CAPS)

Administration, logistics and communication

  • Héloïse Poras
  • Kahina Fahem (administrative assistant)


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Asia centre

Asia Centre Fondé en août 2005 par François Godement et une équipe de chercheurs et experts de l’Asie contemporaine, Asia Centre a pour objectif de conduire des recherches sur l’Asie contemporaine, d'organiser des débats et de valoriser, par des publications, les résultats de ces recherches et rencontres.