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The current reshaping of the political scenes and societies have had a profound effect on national issues in Asia (the forecasts for change in China in relation to the 18th Congress, liberalization in Burma, the historic Cross-Strait compromise, the North-Korean succession) and will influence regional construction, which has remained relatively stagnant until now. Asian democracies (including Japan and India), however, remain in crisis. Key issues such as competition with authoritarian regimes, integration of cultures and religions, and the impact of the “information society” are examined in the program.




  • Sophie Buhnik +

  • Jean-Pierre Cabestan +

  • Jérôme Doyon +

  • Eric Frécon +

  • François Godement +

  • Jean-Luc Racine +

  • Isabelle Saint-Mézard +

  • Benoît Vermander +


  • Political system +

  • Public policies +

  • Public stability +
  • Civil society +

  • Justice +



Observatory on China's political and strategic evolution

  • Project manager: Emmanuel Puig
  • Events of China's Observatory +



Observatory on Southeast Asia

  • Project manager: Eric Frécon
  • Events of Southeast Asia's Observatory +



Program on China's information society

  • Project manager: Candice Tran Dai

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