Economic policies

Domestic economic policies are also at the centre of Asia Centre's activity. What have been the determining steps and policies in Asia's growth story? What are the upcoming reforms? What economic programs are being led by national governments in Asia (nationalization, privatization, industrial policies, innovation policies, fiscal policies, etc.)? What links are there between Asian governments and domestic businesses? Between Asian governments and the different economic sectors? What policies are implemented to support development and international competitiveness of domestic enterprises (especially SME) and SOEs (state-owned enterprises)? What are the main characteristics of those governments' fiscal, industrial, or subsidies policies? What about the real-estate sector?

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Latest publications

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Wednesday 07 May 2014

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Latest related media

Friday 22 August 2014

Foreign investment in China fell 7.81 billion in July, falling to their lowest level since 2011. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce ensure that this decrease has no connection with the antitrust investigations launched by China against foreign-owned enterprises, such as Audi (German) or Chrysler (American), recognized both guilty of "monopolistic practices". Are those investigations linked to the drop of foreign investment in the country? What is the reaction of the foreign companies facing these investigations initiated by China?


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