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Asia Centre carries out in-depth analysis of Asian public-policy decisions - from the strategic choices related to energy security to the debates dealing with energy-efficiency and intelligence technologies. With a renowned expertise on China's energy and environmental issues, our programs are being expanded to include India and to renewable energies.




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Our Energy Club

Asia Centre created at the beginning of 2012 an Energy Club commensurate with its ambitions of analyses and debates in the fields of energy and environment, animating a network that has continually grown since 2006. The Club regularly meets for Energy Breakfasts, introduced by an expert of energy issues or a professional of the sector, and constantly keeps in touch through our discussion forum on Linked In.

  • Chair of the Club: Jean-François Di Meglio
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Pluriannual program on energy security in China and India

The program offers a comparative analysis of the giants’ energy strategies and a study of their impact on global security. Securing China and India’s energy supplies is a major strategic concern for the accelerated development of both countries in a global context of a growing complexity of both the geopolitical and technical aspects of the energy issue.

  • Director of the program: Jean-François Di Meglio

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Strategic dialogue on energy issues in Southeast Asia

As part of our partnership with the Centre on Asia and Globalisation of the National University of Singapore, headed by Prof. Huang Jing, a first seminar took place in 13 December 2012 in Singapore and dealt with the main issues linked to energy, governance, and environmental policies in Southeast Asia. It led to a continual dialogue between both institutions and to other seminars, as the seminar organized in Paris on 17 and 18 June 2013.

  • Director of the program: Jean-François Di Meglio

  • The seminars +

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Latest related media

Sunday 15 December 2013

Waking the Green Tiger, a documentary by Gary Marcuse, Betsy Carson and Shi Lihong, chronicles the era of ecological degradation under Mao Zedong and introduces a new generation of environmentalists spearheading the nation's green movement.


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