Citizen Voices in Myanmar’s Transition

Vendredi 07 avril 2017

Auteurs : Florence Geoffroy

Tags : Processus de paix - Transition politique - Birmanie

Myanmar has been undergoing a sweeping transformation since the inauguration of a government in 2011 according to the new constitution passed in 2008. These transformations have been perceived differently in every regions of the country and their impacts, positive and/or negative need to be reported. Additionally, in a country where minority populations are widely dispersed and where infrastructural challenges still hamper the free flow of information, there is a great need to enhance awareness of local needs and aspirations. It is with the aim of increasing the availability of information and airing of opinions, in as transparent a manner as possible, that CDNH’s research has sought to assess ongoing state-building, nation-building and peace-building processes, as seen through the eyes of citizens.


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Retrouvez le rapport de recherche de Florence Geoffroy pour CDNH sur la région de Magway, en Birmanie.


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