The European Union, France and their partners in the Asia Pacific region

Thursday 15 May 2014

Note of the Global Governance Program

Tags : Southeast Asia - South Asia - Northeast Asia - France - Europe

America's desire to regain their commercial lead in Asia has been expressed through the Transpacific Partnership (TPP). The partnership should result in a vast free-trade zone in the region and now represents a key part of America's foreign policy "pivot" towards Asia. What impact can the European Union (EU) and France have in the region when faced with an ever advancing United States? Is the EU active enough in its partnerships with Asia Pacific countries to allow it to back off? What impact will the TPP negotiations have on EU and French negotiations with countries in the region, and particularly with Japan?


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L’Union européenne, la France et leurs partenaires d’Asie Pacifique
Messerlin Patrick
January 2014
Publication in French


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