The Idea of emerging India: From Orientalist Otherness to post-postcolonialism

Lundi 22 septembre 2014

Working paper of Jean-Luc Racine for FMSH

Auteurs : Jean-Luc Racine

Besides the cliché of India’s structural otherness, there was a time when European intellectuals were fascinated by what Ancient India had brought to universal knowledge. Then came the time when India was seen as an emblematic case of poverty and under-development. Today, the concept of emerging India redraws fresh mental maps, at home and abroad. This calls for evaluation. From the Orientalist tradition to post-colonial critique and to current social sciences perspectives, we shall analyse what are the Indian stakes today, for India herself and for the rest of the world. Not just because India accommodates one sixth of the world population but, more importantly, because her internal dynamics, the challenges she has to address and her new globalised horizon unravel experiments whose value goes far beyond her own borders. We need to ponder over them in order to understand the world of today — and the world of tomorrow.

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Working Paper of Jean-Luc Racine, Vice President of Asia Centre, published by the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme.


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