Internet: how to control this booming medium?

Saturday 10 May 2014

Article by Candice Tran Dai Candice and Anna Zyw Melo for Diplomatie

Authors : Candice Tran Dai - Anna Zyw Melo

Tags : Political system - China

For a long time, the Chinese government has understood that it will not be able to avoid the internet if it is to modernise. Nevertheless, its priority has always been to control this method of communication that is potentially dangerous to the country's political stability. The status of the internet in China is particularly contradictory. Although it is a tool for free expression, it is also used to censor this freedom and spread propaganda on behalf of Chinese leaders. Important rules were implemented to protect official Chinese political and economic interests. As the number of internet users in China now exceeds that of any other country, and within a context of increasing social networks, how can the Chinese government control this booming medium?

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Candice Tran Dai (Project Manager of Asia Centre's Cyberspace program) and Anna Zyw Melo (Research Assistant at Asia Centre) answer this question in an article for Diplomatie n°20 “The Geopolitics of China”.


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