On a regular basis, Asia Centre publishes two specialized current affairs journals one for China and the other for Japan; a book published by La Documentation française on a yearly basis; and an electronic collection which includes almost one hundred items. In addition to occasional publications edited by Asia Centre, its researchers and associates are frequently called upon to contribute to reference books and offer their opinions to the press. All of our releases are available on our website, either for sale or as free downloads in PDF format. Read more

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South-East Asia Observatory Quarterly

Etude quadrimestrielle n°2 de l'Observatoire d'Asie du Sud-Est - Mercredi 01 juillet 2015

Impossible d’échapper à la mer de Chine méridionale. Aussi avons-nous décidé de prolonger notre suivi sous un angle juridique et indirectement ... Lire la suite

Southeast Asia and External Great Powers (in French)

Observatory on South-East Asia - Mardi 30 juin 2015

 ... Lire la suite

Cybersecurity in Vietnam: Formulation and Implementation of a New Strategy

Candice Tran Dai in Hérodote - Lundi 01 juin 2015

At the turn of the Millennium, Vietnam has embarked on the path of an accelerated and relatively comprehensive... Lire la suite

Deepening Cross-Strait Relation in a More Difficult Regional Context

- Samedi 30 mai 2015

Asia Centre a organisé les 4 et 5 février 2015 à Casas Filipinas, aux Philippines un colloque international mais fermé sur... Lire la suite

A China reset in Northeast Asia

China Analysis (March 2015) - Jeudi 19 mars 2015

A number of evolutions have characterized China’s direct Northeast Asian environment in 2013 and 2014. North... Lire la suite

China-Cameroon relations: Fortunes and limits of an old political complicity

Jean-Pierre Cabestan in South African Journal of International Affairs - Vendredi 06 mars 2015

Since the 1990s, the Sino-Cameroonian relationship has grown rapidly. Today, China plays a key role in Cameroon's... Lire la suite

Afghanistan’s Difficult Transition

Jean-Luc Racine in Politique étrangère - Mercredi 04 mars 2015

Afghanistan’s transition has been, politically speaking, slower than first expected; militarily, it has been... Lire la suite

The Geopolitics of Indian agriculture

Jean-Luc Racine in Hérodote - Dimanche 01 mars 2015

In a one billion plus country where 50 % of the jobs are still related to farming and forests, the geopolitics of... Lire la suite

China's Cyberstrategies

Final report of the project - Mardi 03 février 2015

Since China's first Internet connection in 1994, the proactive policy of China has led to an incomparable... Lire la suite

Southeast Asia in 2015

Articles by Éric Frécon and Jean-Raphaël Chaponnière - Mardi 27 janvier 2015

After a whole year of fieldwork, twenty reasearchers and experts decipher in that book edited by the IRASEC... Lire la suite


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