On a regular basis, Asia Centre publishes two specialized current affairs journals one for China and the other for Japan; a book published by La Documentation française on a yearly basis; and an electronic collection which includes almost one hundred items. In addition to occasional publications edited by Asia Centre, its researchers and associates are frequently called upon to contribute to reference books and offer their opinions to the press. All of our releases are available on our website, either for sale or as free downloads in PDF format. Read more

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Corruption in China: Will Xi Jinping be able to clean up the mess?

Article by Jean-Pierre Cabestan for Diplomatie - Jeudi 15 mai 2014

From his very arrival in power, Xi Jinping has taken a firm line: the fight against corruption is one of the... Lire la suite

Mongolia, an ideal neighbour?

Article by Antoine Bondaz for Diplomatie - Jeudi 15 mai 2014

The last few years have seen significant tensions build between China and its maritime neighbours. In contrast,... Lire la suite

France’s “pivot” to Asia

Paper by François Godement for the ECFR - Mercredi 14 mai 2014

France is undertaking its own “pivot” to and within Asia. It is both increasing its focus on Asia in order to... Lire la suite

Internet: how to control this booming medium?

Article by Candice Tran Dai Candice and Anna Zyw Melo for Diplomatie - Samedi 10 mai 2014

For a long time, the Chinese government has understood that it will not be able to avoid the internet if it is to... Lire la suite

China's Demographic Challenge

China Analysis n°48 in French (April 2014) - Mercredi 07 mai 2014

The political issue of birth control was brought back into the limelight during the 3rd plenary session of the... Lire la suite

China faces up to gas: opportunities and challenges in developing national production

Note of the Energy Security in China and India Programme - Mercredi 07 mai 2014

Although gas remained a mainly regional resource until the start of the 2000s, it has caught Chinese attention... Lire la suite

Xi Jinping and all the Princelings

Article by Jérôme Doyon for Diplomatie - Mercredi 07 mai 2014

In China, descendants of Maoist era Communist Party leaders have their own nickname: they are the "princelings"... Lire la suite

The People's Liberation Army – Mastering ambitions and managing constraints

Article by Mathieu Duchâtel and Emmanuel Puig for Diplomatie - Mercredi 07 mai 2014

China may now be the world's second largest economy, but from a military perspective, it still needs to implement... Lire la suite

Beijing supervises opinion, even on the Internet

Note for the China’s Information society Programme - Mercredi 07 mai 2014

Since the 1990s, the Chinese government has encouraged the economic expansion of the media sector and was an... Lire la suite

Establishing foreign Internet companies in China: Restrictions and risks linked to ICT access to the Chinese market

Note of the Energy Security in China and India Programme - Mercredi 07 mai 2014

China is by far the largest global exporter of ICT products, with exports reaching 356 billion dollars in 2009.... Lire la suite


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